Other World




Featuring Rica Taylor and Santí Serra Camps ‘Other World’ is a short film about horses, a wild and mysterious animal that has forged an unbreakable bond with mankind over many millennia and within many cultures. The making of the movie has been an enlightening journey from the conception of the project to the final cut. 

I decided to capture the spirit of the horse within it’s natural environment by 

The use of a ‘Horse Whisperer’ to assist me in the making of ‘Other World’ was fundamental in helping the journey to unfold naturally. I also used a female acrobat on a harness to develop a natural physical relationship with the animal. The result was a truly astonishing and profoundly moving experience that will live with me always. 

I prefer to leave the multi-faceted meanings, spiritual perspectives and hidden conversations within ‘Other World’ fully open to interpretation by the audience. However, I sincerely hope that each viewer will experience the pure wonder and awe of this beautiful and mystical animal. 

A huge thank you, to all the wonderful people who made this project possible.



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